GammonEmpire offers an excellent business opportunity to make money through online or offline marketing. With our affiliate program's tools, you can start making money from your website's traffic or through acquiring players from the offline "realm". Leveraging on years of experience in the online industry and online products, our affiliate program offers all the tools needed to make money by referring backgammon players to GammonEmpire.

Partnering with GammonEmpire has the following advantages:

No initial investment. Your account will be opened free of charge. All you have to do is apply for affiliation, get your trackers, fill in your payment details and start sending backgammon players through your trackers.

You can choose your preferred business model:
CPA (bounty): Get $25-$50 per real sign-up* through your trackers.
Commission: Earn 20%-30% from the gross revenue generated during the life-time of your players.
(How to choose? If you are not sure how big your players will be, choose the safer CPA model. If you intend to bring high rollers, professional players, choose the %% model.)

Sign up sub affiliates and get 15% of all payments made to them! Your account interface allows you to open sub-affiliates under you and view stats for your 2nd tier activity. Every affiliate that you bring can open his own sub-affiliates, making you at the top of the chain and harvesting revenues from your entire affiliate "tree".

We offer two types of trackers: Online and offline. Together, they will cover all your needs in referring players to GammonEmpire and being credited for them.
Online tracker: A unique tracking URL which is associated with your account ONLY. All players that visit GammonEmpire through this link will be credited to your account.
Offline tracker: Sign-up bonus coupons. These are short alphanumeric strings (e.g. AFF100) that can be placed on flyers or cards and represent cash bonuses for first time depositors. All players that use these coupons to deposit are credited to your account.

Use our banners, text links, CDs and flyer Creatives or apply for your own coupons. We provide all the marketing tools you need!
Formulas & Definitions

Real Sign-up = A player that deposits money for the first time
CPA = Cost Per Acquisition. Amount of CPA is determined by amount of real sign-ups generated by the account.
Commission Formulas: The house takes 5% from the sum of all games played in single games, and 100% of the tournament's signup fees. (usually 10% of the tournament pot value). That is called the "rake".
Affiliate commission is calculated as the rake from the affiliate's players minus their chargeback's minus bonuses multiplied by the commission percentage. The percentage is determined by the amount of rake the affiliate's players generates on a monthly basis:

20% = up to $10,000
25% = $10,000 and above
30% = $50,000 and above

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