Certified Online Casinos Guide

By Joe Myers

Level: May 2nd 2007
  1. Create a minisite filled with information.

  2. Create that mini site for a certain audience and then build an affiliate program specifically for that audience.

  3. Test and track your ads and promotions for your affiliate programs

  4. If you test and track your ads you will be able to identify the most lucrative ads and promotions. If you are able to identify them you can continue to promote them and you can relinquish the less important ones.

  5. Publish an ezine

  6. You will be able to promote your affiliate programs to your subscribers easier through an ezine. The affiliate programs you choose should have the content similar to that of the ezines.

  7. Recommend your affiliate programs’ products to promote the affiliate programs.

  8. You can use your ezine to recommend your affiliate programs or you can promote them in a 'recommended resources' section. You can also create a 'recommended affiliate programs' section where you can list your affiliate programs’ products.

    You can also list a best affiliate programs section where you can present the affiliate programs that have brought you the most money.

  9. Write reviews where you name the advantages you like best about your affiliate programs’ product[s]

  10. When you write the reviews, make them honest and post them along with your articles.

  11. Write your own ads for your affiliate programs

  12. When you create your own ads you should use the inspiration of the ads on the sites you want to promote and also their affiliates’ ads. Use their USP (unique selling proposition) when you write the adds.

    The USP is an advantage which they offer and their competition usually doesn’t: their products are cheaper, or are easier to understand, or they save a lot of time, and so on. If a site has more than one USP you should choose the one that you think will attract the most customers.

  13. Ask questions to the companies you want to promote, to test their support

  14. This will give you a/ clue on how reliable are they; by the time it takes them to answer to your e-mail.

  15. Promote your affiliate programs through freebies

  16. Offer your visitors an e-book filled with tips, or an e-book that presents your visitors places where to promote their business. You can allow your affiliate programs to use your freebies as a promotional item.

  17. Create a directory

  18. You could create your directory as an article, ezine, e-book or affiliate program. If you want to increase your commission you can list your own resources within your directories. You could add your e-books to your e-book directory or your ezines to your ezine, and so on.

    You can update your directories to receive more traffic from your visitors. Try to insert useful elements into your directory that your visitors can use to receive more traffic.

  19. Use ezine ads for your affiliate programs

  20. You can buy various ads for your affiliate programs, and choose an ezine with subscribers that are interested in the products you offer. If you want to maximize your profits you can run the ads for multiple issues.

    You can include in your ezines free ads to get more subscriptions. This will help you identify which ezines and which ads are the most lucrative.
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