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By Eric Marsh

Level: Jul 26th 2007
There are some principles that exhibited by every successful marketer; they may not be easy to detect but can be some in the work habits, copy etc. There are 7 principles and each of them work. Some of them might seem obvious but that shouldn’t surprise you because many affiliate marketers make some incredible mistakes:

- They don’t know these principles because they don’t do researches on that matter
- They skip some of them
- They ignore them because they have a very big ego, “my way or no way”

Each of these mistakes makes them to lose profit or even to lose their business.

  1. You must put lots of work in your business

  2. It is a job and it should be treated like one. Don't treat it like a hobby or like something that will make you rich very fast because it won’t. The harder you work the more money you will make.

  3. You must make financial investments

  4. If you want to make money you must spend money on various things: designing the website, advertising, affiliate marketing strategies, and so on. Your investments will bring you huge profits but only if they are done properly.

  5. You must do research tirelessly

  6. You need to read and study as much as possible about the proven models to know what works and what doesn’t. This information will help you increase your sales.

  7. You must know the best affiliate products and merchants

  8. You must know that in this business quality is over quantity. Identify which are the cons and which are the pros in the business.

  9. You must have a well-planned out and well-executed website

  10. You must satisfy the search engines and your clients: gain high rankings, and provide high quality content. Your sales will increase if you do this properly.

  11. You must have effective tracking methods and constant traffic interested in your message

  12. You must keep the visitors interested and to be able to do so, you must know what methods work and what methods don’t.

  13. You must know the latest strategies and techniques

  14. You must constantly research the latest strategies in the business because there is no knowledge that isn’t powerfull. This will bring you money.

These are the 7 principles of the successful affiliate marketer. Don’t ignore them because if you do, your business will fail.
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