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By Ellen Smith

Level: Jul 25th 2007
Text ad search marketing campaigns are a key point for online businesses since there was discovered their power, effectiveness and affordability. For less than $5, you can reach out a worldwide audience who is searching for information on your product or service through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. How can you take maximum advantage of this great opportunity? Writing effective advertising copy for your search marketing campaigns is one of the most compelling weapons to reach your audience.

Read the Editorial Guidelines
You should carefully read the text ad guidelines of pay-per-click programs as they are different from program to program. Having thus, you can start writing the advertising copy for your search marketing campaign. Google AdWords is the most popular ad service and it offers a set of specific editorial guidelines that can help you structure your search marketing campaigns.The AdWords guidelines recommend using direct language, standard punctuation, and correct grammar.

Target Your Audience

You want your ads to be clicked by potential clients. That’s why you should pay attention to your audience. Take your time and think who your audience is and what they are searching for before you begin writing advertising copy. Converting text link ads into sales is the goal of all pay-per-click campaigns. Creating a profile of the people you want to reach with your search marketing campaign makes you come with specific and relevant ads that can increase your sales.

Choose the Keywords Wisely
Focus on researching the specific keywords and keyword phrases that your audience is searching for. There are many online resources such as Overture and Wordtracker that provide information on how many people search for a particular term each day. They can give you also some ideas for keywords that you might want to use. Using relevant keywords you can rapidly and directly reach your destination.

Create a Sense of Interactivity
Motivate your readers to take some type of action when they read your ad. This is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your search marketing campaign. Insert words as “download,” “read,” and “discover” to make your advertising copy more engaging. In the end, the goal of all advertising is to inspire viewers to take action. Including a call to action in your message is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your search marketing.

Don’t Exaggerate with Capitalization, Exclamation Points, and Cliché Sales Pitches
Pay attention to basic rules of Netiquette. They can help you to establish the credibility of your search marketing campaigns. Keep your ad copy realistic and honest. Abandon spot sales pitches and empty promises. Also, don’t exaggerate with gimmicks, hype and generic ad language. Keep in mind that the use of all-caps is generally frowned upon and should be avoided. Concision, specificity and clarity should be your guides when creating a copy. Potential customers will be more likely to click on your ad if you accurately identify what you have to offer.

Suggest a Need that You Can Accomplish
Many types of advertising focus on customer needs in order to promote the services and products. The appeals can be based upon psychological needs, such as a need for social prestige, or on another necessity such as basic living, budget, or personal development. Point out how your product or service can solve a problem or offer improvement in the lives of your customers.

Put Yourself in Customers’ Shoes
Searching report tools and keyword suggestion sites are a great way to structure your advertising campaign. Furthermore, thinking of your marketing as a customer might is a great way to gain insight into your preferred approach. Do you know what your customers looking for? How they search for information? Answering to these questions, you can design targeted ads that reach out directly to potential customers and create a successful search marketing campaign.
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