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By Joni Hawk

Level: Aug 10th 2007
Whether you've joined a full affiliate marketing business, or it's a part-time business you plan to make some extra cash with, it's important that you have a firm bookkeeping plan for tracking profits and expenses. There are a lot of techniques and profitable affiliate programs available; you only need to figure out which one works best for your interests.

Successful affiliate marketing is a very time consuming and meticulous business so being well organized and using an excellent accounting system can gain you a lot of time. Below, I put out some affiliate marketing tips to help you administer your accounting.

Likely you will choose to promote more than one internet affiliate programs, so keeping track of all the information regarding each one can be a trouble. To avoid a mess and not forget which ones paid you and when or which ones bring bigger profits, or whatever kind of info for that matter always keep separate folders on your computer for each affiliate program. You can even try and use the pencil and paper method. Anything, just organize them properly.

Financial records are important, very important for you so good organizing plan is what you should have. First, keep a record of all the transactions – with operating expenses, checks you've received, checks that are still pending and so on – on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Personally, I use an Excel spreadsheet for these notes.

Use a 3rd party application service provider to manage and track your payments. An example of such a provider is Commission Junction. They will send you info on your campaigns and an accounting of the commissions.

Observation: many application service providers require you to meet a certain minimum profit amount before cutting out your check – Commission Junction has a minimum of $25.

In case you don’t go for the 3rd party to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns you need to pay more attention to all the information you receive back from the program you are promoting. These programs should send you weekly reports so record the results of each campaign and then calculate what you think your profit should be. At the end compare it with the info you get from the affiliate program.

Also, your accounting program should help you determine which affiliate marketing campaigns work better and which don’t. Then, think about the reasons why the customer is leaving that site right away. If the site appears slow, isn't organized well or just doesn't seem up to par, think about replacing this online affiliate program with another one that could be more cost-effective.

In the hope that my affiliate marketing advice article is going to help you in your business, I wish you all the best!
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