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By Ellen Smith

Level: Jul 4th 2007
Many affiliate marketers recognize that text link placement can make or break your search engine marketing results. A good link placement most probably will lead to increased page rank and website traffic, while poor text links may hamper your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Using the tips stated below to make the best text link placement you will raise the profile of your website, improve your search engine results, drive up site traffic, and increase your affiliate revenue.

Linking Strategies – Key Indicators to Follow Tightly

Using text links to build the profile and traffic of your website is something of an art, but using them according to a strategy means higher popularity for your website. All you have to do is experimenting with different linking techniques to improve your results. Actually there are a few linking strategies you should give a trial:

  1. Insert Text Links in Website Navigation

  2. Simply converting the navigation bar to text links can dramatically increase both page rank and site traffic. Check out the websites of some of your top-ranked competitors. Observe what type of navigation they use. Usually, well-ranked websites rely on text-based navigation to improve search engine results and improve the reader experience. In this way both search engines and site visitors will actually preview what they will find when clicking on a link.

  3. Make Use of Keyword Phrases in Text Links

  4. One common mistake many affiliate marketers make is using links with generic phrases like “Click Here” and “Read More”. Always remember to incorporate keyword phrases in text links that potentially can increase page clicks and optimize pages for search. These text links raise the profile of the page they are on, while they also benefit to the page to which they are linking. Don’t worry about converting a text link into a user click. Just give the reader a reason to click on that link and he will do it. Explain to readers what they will find and how it will help them by using keyword phrases in your text links.

Benefit from Advertising Text Links

Take advantage of advertising text links as it is another great way to improve your text link placement. There are companies like Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing that allow businesses to bid on keywords that are relevant to their business and website.

These advertising text links are then attached on various websites where users can then click the ad.For example, Google AdWords by utilizing a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model allows businesses to choose how much they are willing to spend on advertising text links. Your text ads will then emerge on relevant websites that participate in the Google AdSense program, helping to increase both your search engine performance and your incoming clicks.

If you want other ways to incorporate advertising text links, consider setting up your own affiliate program. It means you can increase your site traffic, page rank and site profile, while you allow other websites to earn a commission by adding an affiliate text link to their site. Affiliate programs are an efficient way to advertise your business, increase sales, and draw in new visitors to your site.

Link Optimization - Take Full Advantage of Your Text Links

Once you know what type of text links you are going to use, it is vital to take full advantage of these links. Link optimization can seriously increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Don’t forget that you need to carefully select targeted keywords that reflect what your audience is searching for. After you reach this step, you can start using these keywords in your text links. What you have to know is that it allows search engines to easily crawl and index more pages of your website, which can radically boost your search engine performance.

Keep in mind that strategy and experimentation should be the key to an effective text link placement plan. Never hesitate to test out new techniques or remove under-performing links. It is simply to get to the cherry on top if you follow some of the best link placement techniques and diversify your SEO strategy.
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