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By Joe Myers

Level: Jun 19th 2007
The flu virus has been around for thousand of years and no one has managed to stop it. It proved to be unstoppable mainly because it produces new strands every year. It mutates every year, creates new strands and because of this the researchers can’t stop it.

You should constantly be making some modifications to your list, in order to increase its growth and momentum. If you make these modifications the growth of your e-mail will become unstoppable.

You should use any method, strategy, or technique that helps your ability to exponentially grow your email list just from others passing your information or link around. If you make the proper modifications you will create an automatic list building machine.

This type of machine will act on its own and it will bring you as many subscribers as possible. In what follows I will present you various ways you can make implementations to your list building efforts.

If you have used one, use the others; never ignore one of them because they are very important. Each will work for you, so make sure you add each of these methods into your list building campaign.

1st Method: Offer a free product download
You can get your marketing message put very fast if you offer a free product. Consider creating an e-book or a report which can be passed around very easily. Insert in them links to your e-zine or newsletter. If you can create free software to offer that is even better.

2nd Method: Let Affiliates and JV Partners to market the product
Now you could use an affiliate programs which means someone will advertise for your program in exchange for a commission. This is one of the most powerful forms of viral marketing methods.

You should definitely start your own affiliate program, and you can hire a ghostwriter to create a product for you if you don’t have one yet. Once you have your product let your affiliates and JV partners to spread the word about it.

The success of this marketing method will amaze you.

3rd Method: Offer Master Resell Rights
Masters resell right gives someone the right to sell your products and receive 100% of all the income generated. You can also offer the person who bought your resell rights the possibility to create his own affiliate program.

Even if you won’t receive any money from a sell, your links will still be inserted in the product, which means thousands will market your newsletter or your e-zine list. Think about that for a second. Can you imagine the results?

Visit list-building-videos.com if you want to find out how to create a huge e-mail list in just 90 days.
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