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By Eric Marsh

Level: Jun 12th 2007
There is a new viral marketing method on the market and it's called "cause marketing". This new method consists of choosing a cause that people fight for; for example the fight against the use of Smart Tags.

Then you have to create a Non-Profit.org website and in it you must write the negative things about using smart tags. You must use the content of your website to infuriate readers against the ones that use the smart tags.

Once you've got them excited, you announce to them that you will launch a media campaign with the aim of stopping smart tags and the ones that use them. Of course you will need to get the names and the e-mail addresses of the readers, and a great way to do so is to ask them to sign a petition.

Besides the petition you will also ask them to sign up to your marketing e-zine's list. When you do this, make sure that they sign for both the petition and the e-zine; don't make them sign separately for each of these two.

Usually if they have read the entire content, they wouldn't hesitate to sign to your e-zine because they know that you are on their side, you fight against the same "enemy". This is a great idea isn't it?

Of course this method has some risks: another e-zine writer could make fun of your idea in one of his articles, but as long as you get the readers’ names and e-mail addresses this shouldn’t bother you.

Your actions might be considered tacky, but who cares, right? Once again as long as you get their names and e-mail addresses it shouldn’t bother you, because you are getting more hits to your website.

You are the good guy because you are fighting against people that are using illicit means of gaining traffic to their web site, and don't you forget that!
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