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By Joe Myers

Level: Apr 17th 2007
We have presented you some of the characteristics of a Super Affiliate in the first part of this article: they are Opt-In List Builders, they use Autoresponders for marketing to prospects, and they use Ad Tracking tools for managing their advertising campaigns.

We will present you four other characteristics of a Super Affiliate in this second part of the article:

A Super Affiliate uses Contents Written Professionally

It doesn't matter if you are talented at writing or not. If you have a super affiliate you must be sure that its content is of top quality. The owners of the super affiliates often hire ghostwriters to provide the best content for their site.

A skilled ghostwriter will provide great content and concomitantly it will bring customers. The profit increases if the writing is good, and the top affiliates know that.

They do their best to hire a professional who will write for them, because they know otherwise their profits will suffer.

A Super Affiliate is a Keyword Marketer
You must know the basics of utilizing the proper keywords if you want to compete against big affiliates. It is difficult to understand every aspect of keyword optimization, so knowing the basics will help you a lot.

Even the basics of this domain are a large subject, so we have provided you with the areas where it is valuable to be an expert in the keyword marketing:
  1. Selecting the proper keywords for pay-per-click campaigns.

  2. Generating quality viewer traffic by optimizing web pages

  3. Knowing which keywords should be avoided

  4. Selecting the best affiliate programs by using proper keywords

  5. Separating the keywords related to certain products
Your marketing skills will improve if you have knowledge in these aspects regarding keywords.

A Super Affiliate is a Market Researcher
Keywords are not the only thing when it comes to marketing your website. Being able to conduct proper research can help you very much, and it will give you a chance to compete against the "big dogs" of the industry.

Being able to research will help you identify the products you should use and the ones that aren't worth your attention.

You can identify good products from the bad ones, and you will be able to save time and money. You will also be able to identify which products are suitable for which audience.

A Super Affiliate excels in Generating Traffic
Directing traffic to your website is the most important thing in this domain. In order to receive traffic you must find a way to attract online surfers, and the super affiliates constantly work on this.

You must constantly search for new ways of generating traffic if you want to compete with super affiliates. One trick super affiliates use is that they drive traffic to their own website first and only then to the merchant's site.

Eventually the visitor will arrive at the product page, but first they must hit their (super affiliates) home page. Try to remember this one.
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