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By Eric Marsh

Level: Jun 13th 2007
Many changes have recently occurred in the online casino affiliate market because of recent U.S regulations. The affiliates have been abandoned by many affiliate programs, and this has caused them great problems. If you are looking for an online casino affiliate you should keep the following things in mind:

  1. Select a gaming affiliate program in your niche of interest

  2. You will be more successful in your gaming affiliate program if it's in your area of interest. If you like blackjack, create blackjack content, if you like slot machines, write about slot machines, and so on.

  3. Select an affiliate program that is of high quality

  4. The casinos must be of high quality so they can offer you accurate and real time stats about the programs that are generating the highest conversions based on your traffic. This is important and if you can access thin information, consider changing the casino.

  5. Select an affiliate program that offers the best player retention for your referred players

  6. It is very difficult to receive clients so you need to make sure that the online casino affiliates make them happy. They should be offering them incentives and bonuses to keep them attracted.

  7. Select an affiliate program that is up to date

  8. Your affiliate casino program should be up to date with the casinos they promote. Make sure that they are constantly updating and that they are exciting.

  9. Select an affiliate program that pays out a residual income and a payout of 35% or more

  10. Don’t choose the affiliates which only offer a cost per acquisition, because you won’t make too much money if you do. The residual income compensates for the players that only deposit $10 or $20.

  11. Pay attention to the casino affiliates Terms of Service

  12. Be sure you read the terms carefully as some casinos use ambiguous terms in it.

  13. Select an affiliate that has banners

  14. The banners will help you grow your online casino portal business very fast. Choose carefully because not all the casinos have the same type of resources.
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