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By Joe Myers

Level: Apr 10th 2007
Many affiliate marketers make the mistake of creating their website with the purpose of selling product, and they completely neglect their customers. They forget to set the tone for a relationship with their visitors, and because of this many visitors don't become customers.

More experienced affiliate marketers know, that the most important aspect of the business is not to sell your products, but to pre-sell them, meaning that you should attract your customers to your site.

So they create interactive sites with great content, because they know that if they can attract customers to their site, eventually the customers will buy.

1. Connecting before shopping
Most of the internet shoppers have a list of their favorite sites, and they buy different products from those sites only. However some internet shoppers, especially beginners, like to test the market, meaning they will do a lot of research before buying from a site.

These customers are the ones you could attract with the content of your site. You could make your site a place where the customers would feel like in a community, where they would be able to communicate with each other, share different opinions and so on.

This will attract more and more customers, because they will be able to find out what they want in your products, and if they see that many customers recommend them, they will buy. They will also talk about what your site lacks, and you will be able to solve the problem quickly.

2. How to design a community
It is not different do design a community; all you need to do is add some extra features to your site: structured content, a message board, newsletters, and different affiliated products.

If you design your site in this manner, you will be able to promote different products from one site. Let's say your domain is sports, and you sell gym-related items.

You should offer different e-books containing instructions on how to use those accessories, some workout programs, what supplements go along with the programs and so on.

You should have different topics about those accessories and about the workout programs, designed for the beginners, intermediates, and advanced customers.

Your affiliate program should be mentioned as well and you should provide links to your affiliated websites.

The message board comes in handy because you give your customers and opportunity to express their feelings about your products. If the viewers will notice that the board has activity, they will be encouraged to test your products, knowing that your site is reliable.

You will be able to read their disappointments related to your programs or other aspects, and you will be able to solve the problem very fast.

So if you want to be successful you can use the methods mentioned, to commercialize your products. This is the best way to stay on top of your competition.
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