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By Jane Eagle

Level: Sep 7th 2007
Customer Reciprocation Marketing

In this article I will explain 7 crucial affiliate marketing tips and customer reciprocation strategies to super-charge affiliate sales profits in a simple and easy to understand language. This way you will gain an upper hand and the online affiliate marketing game will become one somewhat less onerous.

First, in case you are not familiar with the Customer Reciprocation term, you should know that this is a powerful way to profit from the buying intentions of any other affiliate. In essence it is the process of someone becoming your customer when you become theirs. Normally this is for affiliate marketers as they can purchase through each other's referral URLs, but can also be used by online merchants.

Now, here are the 7 strategic tips:
  1. Get someone else do the routine work for you as finding paying customers is an extremely cost effective way. Before shopping from your preferred merchant store register your purchase intention with a Customer Acquisition Exchange as this is the easiest way to find an affiliate of that merchant willing to purchase from you.

  2. Direct your traffic and make referral URLs that direct reciprocal customers/exchange partners to merchants that pay you higher commissions a priority. I believe this tip doesn’t need too much explication as it makes sense to reciprocate with one that has a purchase intention with a merchant that pays you better. However, pay attention not to eliminate high demand merchants, as you may miss out on sales.

  3. Get the most out of return on investment (ROI) using a Customer Acquisition Exchange that adopts a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA/PPA) model. Maximizing your return on investment you won't pay until you receive your customer/commission.

  4. Make sure that exchange service has deferred compensation so you can acquire what you want at a time that suits you. Like this you can drive clients to higher paying merchants as you are extending your search period.

  5. Keep a close eye on your merchants Customer Reciprocation success rate. Your Customer Acquisition Exchange will be capable to offer you information of which ones have the uppermost demand and conversion rate. Make your investments according to their payouts.

  6. Do a research on the market and look for a Customer Acquisition Exchange that you can use to monitor the demand and conversion rate of merchants you are not an affiliate of. Take advantage of the additional sales and join the top performers.

  7. Try convincing other affiliates to use Customer Reciprocation so you can create a market. This can be a good internet marketing strategy that will increase activity resulting in less wait and more sales/commission for you
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