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By Liz Harper

Level: Jun 14th 2007
As you find out more and more about the affiliate industry by examining affiliate forums or by simply talking with other affiliates, you'll observe that the expression "datafeed" is often used.

So, what exactly is a datafeed, and how can it help the affiliate marketing strategy? Well, a "datafeed" (also known as a "product feed") is a system offered by affiliate programs which allows you to display an automatically generated and updated product guide on your website. Usually, this product guide includes a small image of the product, a short description of the product and the price. Datafeeds are often classified into categories and SKU numbers, offering you the possibility to display only products by the categories or SKUs of your choice.

Datafeeds offer many benefits, both from a merchant viewpoint as well as an affiliate's.

In general, the merchants that benefit the most from datafeeds are in the retail business. For instance, a perfect example is a ticketing merchant like Celebrity Seats, who add hundreds of tickets to their database and datafeed on a daily basis. Also merchants that are usually updating pricing can benefit from the datafeed. The datafeed allows merchants to incorporate all of their products as possible offerings to their affiliates through the upholding of a feed, as opposed to relying on product-specific banners or text links.

On the other hand, one of the central benefits of datafeeds for an affiliate is their dynamically updating feature. You only have to adapt the feed to match your page requirements, design and traffic. Therefore, by offering your clients a targeted and brand new selection of products, you have a superior opportunity of converting your traffic, which you can’t obtain by simply sending your traffic to a merchant website.

In addition, datafeeds offer you the opportunity to unite multiple feeds from multiple programs, allowing your visitors to compare features and pricing. This will surely increase your visitor trustworthiness by having them constantly return to your website as a place where they can easily compare products before making a final choice.

Another apparently hidden advantage of using datafeeds is the SEO linking opportunities they present. By linking a new page to your website for every product in your feed, you are not only increasing your link population, but also exponentially increasing your chances of being linked to from the outside, which is always a good thing.

Just ask any affiliate manager and he/she will recommend some useful resources that can help you to integrate datafeeds into your website.
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