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By Ellen Smith

Level: Aug 8th 2007
This article covers one great SEO debate - Deep Links versus inbound links to your homepage. Many ask themselves which one of those two will help them most.

I would like to start this discussion by pointing out the fact that for any kind of links you need to provide something worth linking to. When I say something that’s worthy I mean that you need a site jam-packed with material and information of the best quality that is worthy of being read, considered, talked about and finally linked to. After you established all these points then you are ready to begin requesting links of others.

Homepage links can be expanded by offering a common element, one used by others on their own websites. Let me be clear by giving you an example. Let’s say you utilize a banner graphic from a website that allows you to build your individual images. In that case it is probable that you will be requested to include a backlink to that graphic banner maker page. Nevertheless, if you're not producing content that in-and-of-themselves get linked, then you have to go out and ask links from others.

Now, how to request links from others…This is a simple task. Find the site owner from which you want to get the link and send him an e-mail and literally just ask for it. Obviously it is preferable to be a site where something that you offer might add on to an argument or subject that you're already covering on your site - or vice versa.

Preferably, you will need a one-way link, but most likely it will be reciprocal linking, meaning you will need to exchange links. And now, here's the important question. Would it be best for me to send the link? I prefer them link to my homepage. I prefer them link to an article on my website ... tough issues, and because of this we give you the advice of a known SEO guru and consultant, Mr. Scott Skurnick.

Deep links are generally more relevant, focusing on a specific topic and for this reason they are almost at all times better. People are bored and impatient creatures so it is a better idea to send them directly to relevant content. If you get higher rankings for a generic home page it means you are making people click more trough your site before they actually get the information they looked for in the first place. Because they loose time on the site, you stand a greater chance of people abandoning the site. If they reach the page they are interested in easily, you stand greater chances to have them converted.

The SEO world is filled with gossips that Google may look down on reciprocal link exchanges and paid link inclusions. Anyhow, a good linking strategy still is part of the online marketing growth. More than that, the key to mounting your inbound visitor base is again the use of a good linking strategy.
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