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By Joe Myers

Level: Apr 25th 2007
You can use your free product or service in order to amplify your marketing quickly online, with Viral Marketing. When using Viral Marketing you have to include your ad with the freebie people use or giveaway. You can use the following 11 Viral Marketing strategies to become more successful:

  1. Give people the possibility of reprinting your articles on their web site, in their e-zine, newsletter, magazine or e-books. At the bottom of each article include the option for article reprints, and your resource box.

  2. Give people the possibility of using your freebies as bonuses for the products they sell. Make sure that your freebies contain your ad.

  3. Give people the possibility of using your message board on their own website because there are people that don't have a message board. Be sure to include your ad at the top of the message board.

  4. Give people the possibility of signing up for a website on your server, but require them to include your banner ad on their sites.

  5. Give people the possibility of adding their link to your directory, but require them to link your page into their directories.

  6. Give people the possibility of providing your free online services (free e-mail, e-mail consulting, search engine submissions) on their websites, in their e-zines, newsletters.

  7. Give people the possibility of giving away your software for free. Be sure that the software contains your business advertisement.

  8. Give people the possibility of giving away your free web design graphics, fonts, templates, and so on. Be sure that they contain your banner ad and a link to your site.

  9. Give people the possibility of including an advertisement to their site into your free book, as long as they offer it to their subscribers, web visitors, and so on.

  10. Give people the possibility of giving your book for free to their visitors. You will only have to gain from this because the book will be spread all over the internet, containing your ad in it.

  11. In order to automate your viral marketing campaign use a custom made script. One of the best viral marketing scripts is TurboReferer, because once you have set it up it will do the viral marketing job for you.
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