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By Eric Marsh

Level: Jun 22nd 2007
We've all heard of Viral Marketing, a term which describes a strategy that encourages others to pass on your marketing message. It can increase the traffic to your site and together with the traffic it can increase the sales.

If you have an online business you should use viral marketing to increase its success, and in this article I will present you five different ways you can do this. You can use each of these strategies to increase the traffic to your site, but you must have patience whichever of these methods you are using.

  1. 'Send to a friend' script

  2. I am sure that you are familiar with this method: you visit a site and there you will find the "send to a friend" button. If you press this button then you will have to provide the name and the e-mail address of one of your friends. The friend will then receive an e-mail containing the URL of the web site together with a short message.

    Some resources you can use:

    • referralblast.com – you will have to pay $99 per year, but it claims you can add it to your site within 10 minutes after the payment.

    • tell-a-friend-wizard.com - you have to pay $6 per month, but it claims it keeps track of your most sent pages and your most active people.

    • bignosebird.com/carchive/birdcast.shtml – this is very popular free CGI script.

    • cgibiz.com/go.cgi?partner=popupmtr – you have to pay $39,95 for this CGI Tell-a-friend script; but it also has a trial period.

    • aspalliance.com/steven.swafford/articles/tellafriend.asp – this is an ASP script.

    • aspalliance.com/chrisg/default.asp?article=26 – this is another ASP script.

    • wsabstract.com/script/script2/tellafriend.shtml – you can send this to your friend via e-mail because it is a JavaScript version.

    These should be more than enough.

  3. The Freebies

  4. Giving something for free it is one of the most powerful marketing methods you can use, but giving something for free in the right way it’s even better. For example:

    If you offer an e-book for free people will sign up to your newsletter.

    If you include the links to your site, and information about your products into the e-book people will bring you traffic and maybe they will even buy some of your products.

    If you allow people to offer the e-book for free to other people, the traffic and the sales will increase very much.

    By using the software from takanomi.com/viral-marketing.shtml it is even better because the software will generate traffic for your website before you even offer the e-book.

    Something to remember: never offer a product of bad quality; you must always offer something that reflects the quality of your business. When you offer the product, make sure that you follow the steps mentioned above; otherwise you risk not making any profit at all.

  5. Write some articles

  6. By writing articles you can spread your marketing message to the web-surfers very fast because most of the website and e-zine owners want articles that they can post on their site.

    You have to allow people to publish your articles for free but as long as they include the resource box at the end of the article. The resource box contains information about your site, or even of your e-zine. You can see the way you should write your resource box at these two links:

    • popupmaster.com/getpopuprevenue.shtml
    • popupmaster.com/articles/exit-popup.shtml

    Publishing the articles on your website isn’t the only option you have; you post them on sites where they are read by various website owners and if they are interesting they will be published:

    1. Idea Marketers: ideamarketers.com
    2. Making Profit: makingprofit.com/mp
    3. Web Source: web-source.net
    4. Directory Of Ezines: hypertracker.com/go/WEBpro1/DOE
    5. Marketing-Seek: marketing-seek.com
    6. Yahoo Groups: groups.yahoo.com/group/aabusiness
    7. Dime Co: dime-co.com
    8. Editors Assistant: editorsassistant.com

    9. Ezine Articles: ezinearticles.com
    10. Go Articles: goarticles.com

    Note: The firs 5 sites are the most useful.

  7. The Affiliate schemes

  8. This method is used by most of the website owners and it encourages other web masters to publicize someone else's products or services in return for a commission on the sale price. You can find one of the best affiliate schemes here: clickbank.net/jmap/?m=popupmtr

  9. Word of mouth

  10. This is one of the best methods because the word of mouth is very powerful. I’m sure that there were cases when you have done something, visited a site, bought a product, and so on, because a friend recommended it. Of course you did, because you trust your friends.

    Ensure the highest quality customer service possible and the highest products to make sure that your site is recommended. You should treat your clients as kings because they can make you or break you, and don’t forget this.

    There are other methods you can try but have proven to be the most successful. Try them and you won’t regret it.
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