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By Ellen Smith

Level: May 29th 2007
It’s easy to guess that everybody wants unlimited viral traffic to their site and why not for free. There are many companies who promise to do this for you. But the truth is that it hasn't been available until now. For sure there are some alternatives which accomplish this but they don’t really lead to unlimited viral traffic.

You can put a banner ad, text link or popup on your page but it will increase your traffic by only 1% to 2%. Not to mention that you have to annoy an affiliate program.

There is something else available to get free viral traffic to your site. It implies using the visitors you have. Just offer them an easy way to tell their friends about your site. Remember that you have to bring in a captivating site, otherwise visitors will go away and moreover they won’t tell their friends about your site. Just think about the fact that an email can be hardly shoot off. And when it comes from a friend there are big chances to be checked.

The easiest way to do this is using a form where visitors can fill their name, their emails and the emails of a few friends. Then, just a click will do the entire job. An email with a link to your site will be sent to their friends. To include such form in a website, it is required a HTML editor to make the form and a script to process the mailing.

It’s easy to create the form. But having a script to process the mailing is a more complicated process. In this case you are lucky if you find a free service which will provide the mailing script. Also, it would be wonderful if that service could throw in a free form-building tool.

There are plenty such services; but they all ingeniously contain a banner ad as part of the form built for you.

Look for TechnoSoft21 ViralTraffic. It is a new free service which comes with a form-builder and a form processing script available for everyone who solicits it. You have to complete a form that will generate the code for you, and then add the code into your own website. After that you’re ready to get the overwhelming traffic to your site. Don’t waste your time, just go to technosoft21.com/viraltraffic/.

In case you would rather use other ways to do this you’ll probably have to construct your own form processing script in FrontPage WebBots, PHP, CGI, Perl, C, AppleScript, Python or another language. Choose your suitable way of action and enjoy the results.
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