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By Joe Myers

Level: Aug 2nd 2007
For a website to be successful building traffic is an important factor which should become an obsession in order to obtain the best results. Always be in a quest of finding new methods to get traffic and above all free traffic.

A magic ticket to traffic which I recommend is Social bookmarking. This is an activity realized with the help of a computer network that permits users to save and categorize a private collection of bookmarks and allowing access to them to other people too. This way, others can add your personal collection to their own collection or they can even subscribe to your list. Social bookmarking is a personal knowledge management instrument and it is a very power viral tool for marketers

Here is an example of some popular social bookmarking websites:

  • Digg
  • Technorati
  • Furl
  • del.icio.us
  • Marktd (a niche website just for marketing bookmarks)

All websites above allow users to place an article, consequently exposing it to their other users and if anyone thinks your article is helpful they bookmark it or give it a vote. After having the article bookmarked or voted for a number of times, the bookmark enters their personal list and gives the article more weight in search.

The solution for huge amounts of targeted quality traffic is to get placed on the first page of these social bookmarking websites. For the ones new in the business eager to take part in the social bookmarking trend I will explain below the necessary tools and how to get the most of this powerful tool:

Step 1: Create your Own Blog

This is where all starts, a blog is your doorway for traffic. One of the most popular free blog softwares to use are Blogger and WordPress. You will also find other softwares that for a small investment offer your better features. Anyhow, you decide which one you choose as all function alike. They allow you to post articles, resources and opinions then refer back to them with a URL that you post to the bookmarking websites.

Step 2: Keep your Blog Interesting for the Audience

Find breaking news, create news or set up an RSS news reader to search the web looking for the latest important news…whatever you can to keep it interesting for the audience. Or, post your opinion regarding an article and then link users to the full story. You can also make news by informing people of something important on your blog.

Step 3: Be the First who Posts Hot Topic

Find yourself in a continuous battle to be the first one who posts the latest news or articles with the hottest topics that really reach your target. Be the first to break it and you will thousands of bookmarks more than others. Remember, more bookmarks mean more unique visitors and all you need to do is post one or two very hot stories to establish your blog as a great resource to reach thousand of new visitors.

Step 4: Become a Resource

Even if you will need to post rewritten versions of other peoples articles, try to post as often as possible. Every day if you can … also try to create a regular audience for your blog. When people see you post frequent and interesting news about the industry they will revisit your blog

Step 5: Promote Bookmarking

All bookmarking website provide for users a tag that can be placed on your blog for example, to promote bookmarking. When people use this tag to bookmark your count is helped to get higher. You can use plug-ins for your blog software to create and place the tag but in most of the situations you will need to modify the template, which requires a little but not a lot of technical expertise. (I use Sociable for WordPress)
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