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By Joe Myers

Level: Apr 27th 2007
The affiliate marketing business is very tough, because everybody works for himself/herself and tries to make as much money as possible. Right when the internet marketing started it was much easier to make money because most of the people that visited a site also bought what the site sold.

This is not the case anymore, because now people are more and more fastidious and they expect everything to be flawless. If you have any flaws, many will use them against you to exploit you.

Affiliate commission tracker systems are also an opportunity for fraud, because if one knows how to use the system can make money using your affiliate ID.

Many affiliate links use this form: thesite.com/?YOURID. In order to make money, one has only to change YOURID with their ID and they will receive the money.

There are people that don’t want to give money to a person, so they delete YOURID from the link. Instead of sending the money to thesite.com/?YOURID, they send it to thesite.com. This means you won’t receive any money from the sell. These actions cause a loss of 30% to sales commissions.

With our tips you will be able to reduce your losses. Some, not all, because if the hijacker has great html and javascript skills he will manage to find your affiliate link. Fortunately the hijackers try to make fast money, meaning they scam only the ones that are vulnerable. This is something we can use to our advantage.

Using a javascript redirect page is the simplest way to hide your affiliate link. The javascript will direct the visitors to your affiliate link, but the link won't be revealed. This way your affiliate link will be protected in e-mails, but through a click the people will be able to get to your page.

This method also has a disadvantage: some affiliate programs, like clickbank, reveal the affiliate link together with your ID in the address bar. The viewer can note this and he will realize that and affiliate link has sent him to your page.

The usage of a zero-frame or "invisible" frame is safer because the people will be redirected to your affiliate link, but the frame made it seem like they were redirected to one of your pages. Many domain redirection service sites also use this technique.

Unfortunately the source of the page will reveal that you have loaded an affiliate link instead of a page. The usage of javascript encryption will scramble the page code.

The idea is not to make it clear that you are sending them (webpage visitors) to your affiliate link, because that will reduce the possibility of a sale.
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