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By Eric Marsh

Level: Jul 10th 2007
Each online business has a low ranking and even the cause is unknown, there is always a solution for the problem. The damage can be repaired by using the proper keywords and with the knowledge on how the search engines work.

If you use these two solutions, your site will generate traffic like it used to do. Now most websites have a web copywriter that has experience in the Search Engine Optimized keywords domain.

You can try to include the keywords yourself but you must be careful not to overdo it.

Some tips
Web copy isn’t written in the manner you are used to; fragments and sentences can end in prepositions. Use fonts like Verdana, Arial, and Times New Roman on your website because there are fonts that are bothering for the eye.

These fonts are perfect because they are easy to be read, they don’t create confusion.

Guidelines for SEO
Don't overdo it with the SEO copy; don’t write too much. Try to provide as much information as possible in as little text as possible. Don't use extravagant words; try to write the text as simple as possible.

The Paragraphs should be no more than 5 sentences but at least 3.

The Headers should be 5 to 8 words.

The Sentences should not exceed 20 words.

The Total words should not be more than 350.

Now the keywords, I’m sure that you have heard of them but maybe you don’t know what they are. The keywords are introduced into the search box of the search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, to find websites.

For example if you want to find information about the soccer team Portsmouth, you would write “Portsmouth F.C”, or “Pompey football”. The search engine will then find the websites that contain these keywords.

Search engines will find a website depending on the positioning of the keywords in the website. Before you start you might make a list of the words that are related to the products you sell.

These words must be realistic, if you sell bikes, you won’t put flowers on the list. A great copy writer can juggle with those words to make the site more visible to the search engines.

Your home page should be your number one priority. The headings should be from 6 to 8 words. You can also include some of the keywords into your heading. Your page should be to the point and easy to read.

Don’t just present your products; create a friendly environment at first. Make sure not to crowd all the keywords into a sentence or two, introduce them in different paragraphs.

Some Common Mistakes
Creating search engine friendly content is a task that requires lots of patience. You must understand how the keywords work and only then you should start writing a SEO web copy.

If you don’t know how the keywords work you might introduce lots of useless keywords that won’t bring traffic at all. When you present your products make sure you present the benefits of buying them first, don’t write about their features.

Don’t make any grammatical errors because the visitors won’t appreciate it. Ask another person to review your work and only then publish it. You must link your pages, and you must make sure that they appear in the search results, otherwise you won’t make any money.
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