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By Joe Myers

Level: Apr 26th 2007
All webmasters know that if you want to receive money from the sites you advertise you need to direct traffic to your site. From the people that visit your site, only a percent will look at the ads you offer, and an even smaller percent will buy what you sell.

Many forms of advertisement are used by the affiliate programs: banners, text links and free content, but one form of advertisement is often neglected. The big companies usually pay for a webmaster referral than for a sale.

They usually pay a percent of the referred webmaster's sales, and this seems to be the best way to pay because you won't find too many situations in which a webmaster would advertise for a company that you advertise.

This is because the experienced webmasters are not often included in your targeted traffic, and you would have to target your traffic towards them if you want to make a profit.

If a webmaster wants to get webmaster traffic to his webmaster ads, he could create his own ads. Many of the experienced webmasters chose a niche and stick with it, and they base their sites to certain targets.

This makes things even more difficult, and in this situation the only way you can make money online, would be to attract the people with something new.

That something new would be a website. You went through a lot of trouble to create and register your own website and you might think that it's not worth the effort. But think again, you would register a domain and in exchange for that you would receive a referred webmaster.

A referred webmaster usually pays around $100, and a registration can cost $6.95 a month, and you can register the site for a single month. That means you would make a $93 profit. The design of the site can also be simple, but it has to be centered on the product you promote.

The visitors will be attracted to the site and you will make money in the process. Most of the time you will receive free tools, content, and information from the companies. When customers want to sign up with the affiliate they would have to do it through your code, meaning money for both you and the affiliates.

Now, when you want to create another site you can use the same code, which means you don't have to download additional software every time you create a new website. This means you will make good money from the companies you promote, by creating a simple single-paged website for them.

Because of the simplicity of the page, and because of the fact that the site is free, people will visit it and make you money. They will be attracted by the fact that they can become webmasters and won’t hesitate to sign up through your code.

The companies that offer adult websites will bring the most profit because they usually pay more for a webmaster referral and the content they offer can also be used as content for the entire website. Using this method you will be able to make the money promised by other companies.
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