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By Liz Harper

Level: Sep 20th 2007
Google Page Rank

Is the page rank checker worth considering when you choose a website for link building and website promotion? Many webmasters focus on high page rank sites. However, the majority of professional search engine optimizers state that the Page Rank checker has little to do with the actual performance of a website in Google and other search engines. The reason for this is that the page rank of a website can be counterfeited with a combination of a 301 redirect and cloaking.

Now, let’s explain how exactly you can get a fake page rank. When a web page URL is crawled by a search engine spider, the server of that website redirects the crawler to a website that has indeed a high page rank. The search engine will then evidently assign the high page rank to the web page with the redirection because the search engine believes that the web pages are one and the same.

On the other hand, when a person visits the web page URL, the server cannot redirect that person visiting the web page. The web surfer will see the faked web page only that it has displayed the page rank of the redirected URL. So, the web page will seem to have a high page rank, but in reality it hasn’t.

Don’t get any ideas because this method of redirecting and cloaking it is not a method that will raise the rankings of the web page in any way. A fake page rank means only that the green page rank checker in the Google toolbar has been influenced. Moreover, you should take into account that Google does not appreciate cloaking, actually it doesn’t like it at all, so if you want to risk you page rankings only for this…what can I say, it's a dumb decision.

Now, let’s see how you can verify the true page rank of a web page. The easiest way to check this is to search Google for “info:domain.com”, without the quotation marks and “domain.com” is to be replaced with the domain name you intend to verify.

If there are no results or if the returned URLs don't match the original URL then it is possible that you just discovered a fake page rank. If Google returns only one URL for the search and if the URL is the same as the checked URL then the Page Rank checker is telling the truth.

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