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By Ellen Smith

Level: May 8th 2007
You want more money and your own business. Why not an online business? You can start with affiliate programs.

An affiliate program is a program offered by a company that sells products or services. You introduce new clients to the company and you receive commission of the sales made. In fact, your business is to provide your contact information and agree to the company's terms and conditions. Pay attention to the fact that some companies give you money for attracting potential clients, while others give money only when the visitors make a purchase. Also, it may happen that some companies require you a small fee from you to get started. In this case make sure they provide a free phone number to speak to a live person if you need support.

5 Things to look before you join an affiliate program
  1. The conditions of payments. Find out if they pay you a fix rate or a percentage. If they offer you a percentage you can look at the price of their products to estimate how much you will make per sale.

  2. The levels of the affiliate programs. There are programs which go up to ten levels. It means that if others affiliate joins to the program you will earn a commission on the sales that they make. Go with a company that has at least two affiliate tiers because this will assure you extra money.

  3. The company provides you with your own website or a link? In order to track the visitor, the company will provide you a similar web site as their which includes your own sub-domain. Other way to do this is to provide you a link where you can send visitors.

  4. Find out if the company pays you for all purchases of your visitors. Most of the companies will reward you for all purchases that your visitors will make.

  5. Look for content. If you have your own site you may want a company to provide you banners, emails and text to add them to make a successful business. If you don’t have a site, then is better for you to look for a company that supports you with tips and advices on how to promote their products or services.
The advantages of affiliate programs
If you choose to start an online business with some affiliate programs you will have many advantages and opportunities. Because you are not selling your own products you don’t have to concern about any aspect of the transactions. Moreover, if you have your own products to sell you’ll have enough time to do this. These affiliate programs are making your time profitable.

So, look for an affiliate program that pays you well and join in! The money will come to you with every click on your site/link!
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