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By Ellen Smith

Level: Nov 16th 2007
Write Press Releases

If you are looking for the best way to build publicity and draw readers to your website the solution is to churn out press releases. Press release distribution is an effective and affordable online solution to build buzz, draw media attention and keep your readers up-to-date with the most recent news and developments.

A survey made by the Pew Internet Project discovered that around 75% of journalists use the internet each day to investigate stories and find experts for new articles.

If you want to get publicity using other media outlets, choosing to write press releases is a good technique to reach out to the online and print media community. The aim of effective press releases distributors is to write a press release in a manner that will draw the attention of readers, search engines, and other media outlets.

Before giving you a few press release tips on how to write a press release that are useful for your goals you need to identify possible events and reasons to issue a press release. Some of these reasons might be the need to bring on the market new product or services. To let people know about the opening of a new website or major redesign, to advertise an amazing sale, or to announce a special contest or event. No matter what your reasons are, at all times be certain your online PR efforts have a clear focus and target.

Back to explaining how to write a press release. First, you must know that all press releases have a standard format. Once you learn and master this press release format, writing effective press releases will become a simple task.

A press release format includes your company name, address, phone number, and Web address. Generally, many distribution services suggest using all caps for the title and headlines, but some of them do not accept such releases. So, the alternative solution is to submit press releases in which you use bold text for headlines, subheadings, and call-outs. Also, the content of your press release should not use clichéd advertising ploys but structure the body of your press release to look a lot like a formal news article.

To create an effective press release you need to take into account search engine optimization. The reason is that well-optimized press releases can obtain a top rank in search engine results, which can considerably boost your website traffic and online coverage.

You can obtain a well-optimized press release by picking the correct keywords, writing for the Web, and using your keyword or keyword phrase in the right places. To determine which search terms are the most popular with online readers I advise you to use tools like Wordtracker or the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool.

After you’ve established which terms to use, use the keywords or the phrase keywords in the headline and sub-headings. Also, the selected terms should be repeated at least for 3 times in the content of your press release.

Once you’ve created your press release you need to distribute it and you will be able to find several free and inexpensive online services for press release distribution. You need to use such online services because they are the right solution to gain high search engine ranking, earn well-placed links on other websites, and bring in new readers. Here are examples of a free online service and a paid online press release distribution service.

Free Services -www.PR.com-www.Free-Press-Release.com

Paid Services -www.BusinessWire.com-www.PRnewsWire.com
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