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By Joe Myers

Level: Sep 4th 2007

Affiliate marketing programs appeared on the scene in online marketing the minute the Internet showed up as an opportunity for companies to conduct and draw business. In essence online affiliate marketing is a pay per click search engine advertising solution, where advertisers only pay if a guest clicks on their link.

The next level in the affiliate marketing world is Incentive affiliate marketing and many business analysts believe that this is a new way to guarantee brand loyalty, while increasing sales. Essentially, incentive affiliate marketing pays website owners for referring clients to associated websites.

An example of a huge and known incentive affiliate marketing business is Amazon.com as almost all online surfers and online businesses are at least familiar with this name. So, brand loyalty and affiliate marketing are accomplished with Amazon. This gigantic online marketing specialist lets website owners list an Amazon.com link on their site, and in case a client referred from the website owner makes a purchase on Amazon.com the affiliate will be paid a commission.

This online marketing strategy works best when website holders list links that are by hook or by crook related to their own website or business. The reason is simple and obvious. If someone surfs to your website and is attracted to your product or service, the chances that they will also be interested in similar products and services are high.

Most online marketing programs, including Amazon.com, allow affiliates to link to specific products and or services. For instance a website affiliate that put mens' health supplements on the market may link to specific books that are sold on Amazon that are related to mens' health topics. Brand loyalty is also increased for the mens' health supplements website because the site visitor now sees the website as a source of information for everything that they will need to know and find related to this topic.

Businesses that get the most advantage from online marketing techniques are the adult, gambling, and retail industries. Other industries that are anticipated to see the greatest growth in affiliate marketing are the mobile phone, finance and travel industries, according to Wikipedia.

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