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By Jane Eagle

Level: Aug 7th 2007
Ever wondered what criteria Google bases it's index content on from web directories? Well, I discovered this by coincidence. I was typing "something" in "yourcity","province/state" looking for a business directory website. My attention fell on the description of the listing (not the title) this time. For reasons not worth mentioning now, I clicked on the "cache" of that page within Google to highlight the content and view the web directory page. I observed that the website directory listing within Google was partly taken from the first line of code in the body of content (apart from your header, footer, & sidebar).

I tried this with other internet business directories and so I discovered that the most important line of code is the first title you add to your main body. However, this only applies to web directories and any other website (business or personal) is indexed based on different criterions.

As an example, go to www.google.com/dirhp?hl=en . Pick any sub-category and read the first line of text. First you will observe that the title inside the main body of content is within an H1, which is not something new to the development community. However, changing only few things, many online business directories can improve search engine rankings.

Let me explain this better. Let’s say you are in the process of developing your new web directory. For this, you are looking for the best method to organize it so that visitors will be able to browse your website easily. Also, you need to organize it in a way that allows search engines browse through your categories effortlessnessly and obtain better search engine rankings. The answer to your problem will be the order search categories in alphabetical order, from ‘a,b,c,…z’. Here lies your problem, I experienced it myself. We are inclined to insert this development solution at the top of the page so that our people and maybe search engines can find these extra categories with no trouble.
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