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By Eric Marsh

Level: Jul 11th 2007
If you want to improve your search engine rankings and PageRank score, don’t buy text link ads because you might get penalized for it. It happened to an acquaintance of mine, he got penalized by Google for buying links.

The Google guidelines can be found at google.com/webmasters/guidelines.html. Read them and don’t break them as you will get penalized if you do. Google decided to stop this problem, being no longer allowed the use of links not related to the sites content to generate more traffic. Many marketers do so because they don’t know that it isn’t allowed any more. Google announced in their guidelines that they will penalize anyone that breaks their rules.

Former links

As previously mentioned you can no longer use links that aren’t related to the sites’ content to boost the links popularity. The reason is that Google punishes this and most likely other search engines will do it too.

This doesn’t mean that link popularity doesn’t work any more, because it does, but only with top quality links. Nowadays quality is more important than quantity. Google wants to promote this idea: the use of links that are related to the site, just as it was before the engines appeared.

The New Way

Stop wasting time thinking how a search engine can be cheated. Now, each marketer should be concerned on how he could increase the amount of targeted traffic that is coming to its site.

Ways to increase website traffic and link popularity

- Create a website that has fresh information and is rich in interesting content.
- Set up a mutually beneficial link partnership with business partners.
- Introduce your page into a top directory which is related to your content.
- Create a link-to-us page to allow your visitors to link to your page.

These strategies will improve your link popularity and they can even improve your traffic.
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