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By Joni Hawk

Level: Sep 7th 2007
Forums Marketing Strategy

I know you find it hard to believe but there are ways to market on message boards and forum web marketing without stepping on anyone's toes. More than that, not only can you market this way, you should use as much as possible this affiliate marketing strategy.

First of all, I’m sure that who chose to read this article came across the situation when it got kicked out of one of the affiliate forums existent online under the reason of spamming a message board community. A friend of mine was also kicked out of an online marketing forum. He posted his opinion of the affiliate product in the "personal opinions" section of the discussion forum and the moderator of the affiliate marketing forum booted him out of the business marketing forum.

Stating your opinion and making affiliate advertising for a product are two completely different things and the difference can be determined very easy if you discern the tracking code of some of the affiliate links for a product. I personally moderated at some online marketing forums and I must admit I spurn spammers who believe it is okay to deliberately use forum advertising without contributing anything of value to my community

There's a big difference between expressing your opinion and marketing a product. Often the difference can be discerned as easily as discerning the tracking code in an affiliate URL for a product. I moderate at several forums online, and I despise dealing with spammers who think it's okay to deliberately use forum advertising without contributing anything of value to my community.

But, I tell you again that your affiliate programs could use indeed this kind of business marketing. Why? If you participate in forums at least partially related or of interest to the people who hang out in a forum you increase your chances of someone clicking on your signature/link. Besides, if you will get involved and post wisely and often, you will slowly become recognized as an expert in that area. This way, the interest for you grows and you will get link exchange requests, links, and help requests from folks on the forums.

So, here are my simple rules for marketing on forums without upsetting anyone.

Join forums that allow the users to use links to their websites in their signature and include your link in the signature file in a normal size font.

Involve yourself in the discussion forum, ask questions, make concise observations and answer other’s questions if you can and so on. Try as much as possible to post something daily and make sure you're not just participating to get your link in front of people but play a part in the forum so you can add value to the members' experiences there. For higher click-trough's and conversions you will get rewards that are well worth it.

Now, this marketing strategy of advertising your product on forums and message boards isn't for the lazy spammer. But if you're prepared to sweat a little, you'll get appropriate returns.

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