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By Joe Myers

Level: Apr 17th 2007
A high ranking in search engine results is what every website owner wants. But sometimes when doing SEO (search engine optimization) you can make mistakes and prevent your site's success.

In order to be at the top of the major search engines, a site must succeed in SEM (search engine marketing). Google's ranks can decide the success of a site, but Yahoo's and MSN's are also important.

There are many tips regarding the optimization of a site, so it is difficult to isolate the good ones from the bad. There are some common SEO mistakes and myths, and it is advisable to avoid them, and stick to useful tactics only.

1st Mistake: Overestimating the difficulty of the search engine optimization

Many beginners are afraid of SEO because they consider it too difficult of a process. In reality is not very difficult, and the basics of it are very simple to learn. Advice related to this subject are often contradictory and that makes the process seem even more complicated.

You need to learn the basics, such as choosing the proper keywords, or writing the most suitable title, and your site will win some spots in the searches. Avoid making the mistake of ignoring the effects of optimization like many beginners do.

2nd Mistake: Underestimating the importance of the keywords

Keywords make the difference between success and failure, and yet many underestimate their importance. You can become visible to people who search your products, information, or services by choosing the right keywords.

You won't have too many customers or a high rank in the searches if you don't select the correct keywords. When choosing the keywords always take in consideration your audience and their needs.

3rd Mistake: Ignoring SEO and just submitting your site to directories

Many beginners think that submitting their site to directories will assure them a high search ranking. They won't assure the rank they thought though.

Optimizing the site with the right keywords, and choosing the right title will make the difference, and will bring traffic.

4th Mistake: Ignoring the optimization of the existing content

Many website owners once they see that their site has success, they ignore the already existing content, and that is a huge mistake. Optimizing that content will boost your site in the first spots of a search.

Even the biggest sites optimize their older content because they know that is what helped them reach that level of success. It is long and boring job but is worth doing it.

5th Mistake: Using the improper keywords

The META title and META description are very important when it comes to your SEO success, but alone they can't do too much. The optimization of your site is the one that makes the difference, so that's why is important to use the right keywords in your text, or to use short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and highlighted key terms.

The myths won't go away, all you can do is identify them and ignore them. Use the advice we have provided and your site will become more successful.
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