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By Eric Marsh

Level: May 25th 2007
If it's used properly, viral marketing is the number one method to generate traffic and sales. Like in the case of a viral e-book; a book that can be passed from one person to another and every person will benefit from this.

In the book there are inserted links to affiliate products, and every time one makes a purchase from a link, the affiliate will be paid. The creator of the book can allow people to change some of the links inserted in the book, with their own links (which is called rebranding).

This has advantages for everybody, and the book will be distributed faster this way. Three essential keys must be followed if we want to create a lucrative e-book:

  1. Have a wide distribution

  2. You can offer an e-book in many ways: paid or for free, charge for every rebranding or allow each rebranding for free, full customization or part customization. If you sell a book, you can offer resale rights or you can offer the rights to offer resale rights.

    You want to have the widest distribution as possible in order to make as much money as possible, and for that you must offer the book and the rebranding rights for free.

  3. Create affiliate links of high quality

  4. It is known that in order to be successful your book must contain only high quality content. People believe that if it does, the readers will instantly click the affiliate links, but it’s not that easy as they might think.

    Many authors do it all wrong and because of this, people don’t click on the links provided in their books. Some of them place as many links as possible at the beginning of the book; others insert links that have nothing to do with the content of the book, as with a book about fishing, they place links to a site about planes.

    The right and best way to do it, is to insert relevant keys and only once in a while. You present something, and when you want to offer an example to what you have just said you provide a link. This way the readers won't have the feeling that they are pressured to buy something.

  5. Have a maximum return for both parties

  6. You must make the book lucrative for both you and the rebranders. The right thing would be not to allow them to rebrand all your links because you won’t make any money this way and you'll get only a few subscribers to your newsletter.

    But if you allow them to rebrand only some of your links, they could feel they not receive enough money, and they could quit.

    To motivate the rebranders you would have to allow free rebranding, and to allow them to rebrand all the links, but on a way that you can still benefit.

You can motivate the rebranders using three different methods:

  • The links in the book should be for your own products

  • The links should be for products for which you have resale rights

  • The links should be for 2-tier affiliate programs, so that you receive an amount of money when one of your rebranders has made a sale.

If you use one of these methods, your viral marketing campaign will continue to produce money with minimum effort required from your part. Still there are two issues you need to resolve:

  1. What if your book is rebranded by everybody and they only make purchases from their own versions of the book?

    That is very unlikely to happen; in fact more than 90% don’t have the time to entirely rebrand the book.

  2. You want to create a viral book about a very popular topic, which means that the book has high chances of being lucrative. The problem is you can't find any of the three types of suitable links to put in the book.

    There is a solution for this problem and you will find it in the book "101 SuperTips". The book is free and you have the right to rebrand it for free.
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