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By Joe Myers

Level: May 7th 2007
One of the best advertising techniques is word-of-mouth or viral marketing. This method usually spreads very fast on the internet, mainly because it's free. And free is the word of the day in this area. Spreading the word about a great and free product will have a massive impact.

MSN's Hotmail was the pioneer of this method when it launched its free online email service in 1996. An advertisement for a free email account was inserted in the e-mails and it has 12 Million subscribers at one and a half years after launch. Remember that offering something for free will create a stir, and use this information.

Get used with offering something for free
You must make it easy to share if you want your viral marketing to be successful. Online, communications are spread very easily. Just create a message that you offer something useful: software, ezine, and so on, and hopefully your site will be crowded with visitors.

The Contact
We all have friends and usually when we find out something interesting we want to share it with them. Tell your friends and colleagues what you offer and they will spread the word.

Write some articles
You can write articles to promote your article and by doing so you will become an authority in the industry on which you are writing. In your articles use information that your visitors can use and always keep them interested.

If you have affiliates don’t insert links of their products into your articles because you will lose your credibility. People will realize that you are getting paid to write the articles and they will be less interested. Attach your resource or bio box to the bottom of your article.

This is a well used method: you are asked to forward an e-mail about a certain product, and it usually works. If one knows the product and is satisfied with it he will spread the word. This method is very easy to use because all you have to do is install some code to your site.

Don't send your opt-in subscribers these referrals because it will be considered a form of spam. You can send them the referrals if they subscribe to your site through your subscription form.
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