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By Ellen Smith

Level: May 31st 2007
You've probably heard about "Referral" or "Word of Mouth." Well, now instead of these expressions everybody use “Viral Marketing”. But what’s the point? Well, Internet e-mail allows you quickly and easily send information to your family and friends. With just a click on a send button your message can be spread all over the world.

Many authors and publishers have understood that viral marketing can be a great tool for promoting their ebooks (online equivalent of the paper book). There are two stand-up comedians from San Diego, California who used the viral marketing and were amazed by the results.

Steve Roye and Paul Stoecklein had a new web site (killerstandup.com) and they didn’t know how to promote it. At the beginning they were wondering if the new approach will work. But the only way to find out was to apply it to their website.

Viral Marketing Strategy:

How did they do it? The two comedians created another website known as freejokebooks.com. Here they offer free downloadable joke books and humorous tales in the form of executable files. The ebooks were created with the help of a compiler and look exactly like individual web sites. These online books are spreaded via email and generate traffic to both web sites through hyperlinks.

But at the beginning they didn’t take into account the email part. They thought about the ebooks like bonuses to give people and hope they will pass to one of the sites.

The idea seems to be very simple, but quite a few people use viral marketing. There are a lot of jokes on the Internet offered as a marketing tool and also many ebooks, but there were no joke eBooks until now. The two comedians believe their eBooks have the advantage of the massive appeal of humor. The only concern was that the hyperlinks in their books are not deleted by readers like they are in regular email jokes. In this case, there is a much greater chance of getting increased web site traffic.


The two humorists launched their site in 2001. They sent one of their eBooks to just a handful of friends and family members. In few days, the number of visitors from all over the world to the site was around 30,000. Imagine that within hours people from Finland or from other corners of the world were reading their book.

The huge success made them to continuously perfect the concept of viral marketing. They admit they are comedians, not internet experts and their major error is that they often ignore the rules. On the other hand, they declared their strength is the fact they often ignore the rules. So it’s error or strength? Really it doesn’t matter as long as they bring the smile on our faces via internet, using the latest forms of promotion.
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