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By Joe Myers

Level: Apr 17th 2007
Many beginners find it difficult to choose the right affiliate program. They don't know how, or which one to choose but they want to choose the one that will bring them the most money, that we know.

Often they choose the affiliate program that pays the most per sale or per lead because they think they will receive lots of money too, but most of the times they don't because once they start they realize that is not that easy to make money. And they give up very quickly, without even receiving their first paycheck.

These are the methods which will help you receive your first paycheck:

  1. Choose an affiliate program which suits your theme. Many make the mistake of choosing a program just to make fast money, but it has nothing to do with his/her site. You should never change the content of your website just to have the same theme your affiliate program has; it is better to wait until you find one that has your theme.

  2. Choose an affiliate which pays per sale, not one which pays per lead. The ones that pay per sale will offer you a percent of every product sold, and the ones that pay per lead will give you money for different actions: convincing customers to fill out a loan application, and others.

  3. The per lead affiliates are not as profitable as you might think, because the people prefer buying some products online instead of wasting time by filling applications or other actions. Most of the times they prefer buying information online, information which they could find for free by doing some searches. Time is money, remember that.

  4. Choose an affiliate program that has a large variety of items which you can sell and also which has dynamic content ads. When you try to sell the items, mix them up, meaning you shouldn't sell the same item every time. You should sell what is popular, and the clients will appreciate that. It is a form of advertising but the clients will love it anyway.

  5. Choose a well known merchant, because it will bring you a bigger profit. The clients will buy if they know the seller can be trusted, and you will benefit from that. There are smaller merchants who offer you higher percentages per sale, but most of the times before you receive the money they are gone. You should choose the bigger ones because they are more reliable.

  6. Choose an affiliate program that offers a product you have tested and liked. It will be easier for you and it will offer you some credibility if you recommend it. Your job is to recommend that product anyway, but if the clients are satisfied with the product too they will continue buying.

These are the tips that fortunately will help you promote your site successfully. Use them!
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