Certified Online Casinos Guide

By Eric Marsh

Level: Jul 18th 2007
When people visit a site usually they are interested in how they can do or solve several things not in where they can buy ... something.You can use this information to attract as many possible customers.

Offer some information; answer their questions first instead of trying to sell your products. This will help you create a bond with them. You must convince them that you are an expert and that you know what you are talking about.

If you convince them that you are an expert you will gain their trust and they will buy your products even if they aren't the cheapest. There are four ways you can demonstrate your expertise:

  1. Publish a newsletter

  2. Before you publish it you must follow these rules:

    1. Don't add somebody on your list before their permission
    2. Offer valuable information in every issue
    3. Write the newsletters more often but make them short

  3. Write some articles

  4. Write in these articles about the problems your clients might face in their lives, and offer a solution for them. Don't write about your products; focus only on your clients and their problems.

    So remember: problem and solution

  5. Write a blog

  6. This can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business as long as it’s used properly. Write in your blog, which is like an online journal, about the problems your clients might face and offer them solution to solve these problems.

  7. Write a free E-book

  8. You can use the e-book to promote your business and your website. I advise you to offer your first e-book for free, you can charge money for the future ones. Once again write about the problems your clients might face and provide solutions about their problems.

    Don't forget: you are an expert. In this business you will face much competition but if you convince people that you are an expert you will be ahead of your competition. You can find out more about this subject at: gihanperera.com/low-cost-promotion.html
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