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By Eric Marsh

Level: Jul 17th 2007
Affiliate search engines are a huge part of your success and the most effective way to get traffic is through organic traffic. You must have a very good plan if you want to make it into the top 10 spots especially if you have an aggressive competition.

Back in the days you were able to boost your site a few spots by using the SEO tactics: invisible linked text at the bottom of pages, keywords packed at the bottom of each page, trying to fool the spider, and so on. Yes that tactics worked but they don’t work anymore because the search engines are smarter than they were.

Now you need to use different tactics, tactics which you will discover by reading this article, and you need to convince yourself that you are the best. The sites are no longer designed like a few years ago: text and text and text with almost no graphic.

Now you can increase the graphics but don’t neglect the text because the content of your site is still very important. The key phrase density on your site must be no more than 25% - 35%. Don’t include too much key phrases because then you might have overreacted with it.

Don’t just crowd the key phrases into your content; there must be a balance between the content and the key phrases. You must find a way to calculate this balance and to be able to do so, you must identify which words are good for the SEO and which ones are marketable.

The page naming is often neglected. You should insert a characteristic of your site into its name: bike-sales.com, or something like that. Make sure that the title is friendly for all the search engines, which means that if your site contains special elements, than you should change them in order to be seen by all the search engines.

The domain name is a problem for most of the people, but it shouldn’t be for you. Don’t listen to the rumors that all the good domain names are taken; that is wrong because there are plenty of great domain names you can use.

Look for many search terms related to your niche and then try to combine them but by adding dashes between them: brand-new-bike-sells.com, and so on. This will raise your site a few spots in the search engines.

Use the CSS, because uses html tags instead of font tags, and they can be easily seen by the spider. You can also add linked texts, tags for links and images, and many more.

Remember that the SEO is always changing and you need to keep up with it.
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