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By Joe Myers

Level: Apr 17th 2007
An advertiser's keyword list helps you to determine the cost, size and reach of your advertising account. Most engines use keywords in an attempt to help searchers find what they are looking for. Usually, many online marketers are uncertain where to start when making a successful list. Only attentive selection and ad creation can help to create a cost-effective campaign.

Most of the actual rankings are determined by clicks/impressions. In this way it's probable for a word with a lower click through rate to be in a top position, but the position would cost that company much more.

For example, the term "unique gift" was not a good keyword for aftershave or electric shaving products, which filled the top 10 positions. It is never advantageous to pay top dollar to keep an ad in a high position for a keyword that isn't highly relevant. Keyword selection it's about relevance. Someone looking for a unique gift may have clicked a shaver ad to see what made those shavers so unique, but someone searching for a gift that is truly unique is not searching for shaving products.

The idea is not to drop the word completely. Search engine marketing pays only for clicks not for the surfers impressions and exactly that's the beauty. The secret to making these relevant, but less-targeted keywords work is to present a lower offer amount, and make sure the ad copy describes how the keyword can be associated with the product.

"Unique Acme Technology Shaves Close and Makes a Great Gift" would be influential ad copy for the term "unique gift." Remember, searchers are looking for a keyword, but choosing to click on an ad. As long as the ad catches the attention of the searcher with that keyword, there is a good possibility of getting a change from a click.

Though the term "unique high tech gadget" is both very cheap and targeted, it is an obscure phrase. But maybe the company who attached this copy offered unique gift products, the term "unique gift" would probably have been valuable for them as well.

This is a good example of how using a broader keyword can be advantageous to a company. Maybe their click through rate would have been good too, which would have lowered their cost to stay in first position for that keyword, by being more relevant to searchers. Attentive keyword selection is the instrument that gets your product in front of the most targeted searchers. In this way writing an attractive ad copy that sticks out on a page can bring a great ROI.

Remember that the placement where an ad appears in a search engine's results page is some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Along with any large investment, research, investigation and testing will guarantee that your advertising dollar is well spent.
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