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By Joe Myers

Level: Nov 20th 2007
Article Marketing Power

Using article marketing is one of the most efficient tools to prop up your website and advertise products online. The power of article marketing depends in equal measure on how you create valuable articles and on the article submission sites you choose to use.

To get the most out of your article marketing solution you must know that there are several big free article submission sites that can be used to swell the visibility of your website, attract new readers, and help your search engine optimization efforts.

Using article marketing is a simple task in the whole. To benefit from the power of article marketing you need to make informative articles and permit other sites to publish or link to them. This is one of the first methods to let online readers learn more about your website. One of my article marketing tips is to create articles on topics that you know and are passionate about and do your bets that your article will comprise info for beginners on the topic but also with unique insights that will catch the attention of even the most experience users.

The next step after you have created your article is to find article submission sites to cover the article distribution step. You will find in general free article submission sites but you will be asked to submit an application and only after your application is accepted you can publish your promotional article. Other websites can then reprint your content, dramatically expanding your online reach and audience.

Now, let me outline for you some of the article distribution benefits:

  • Talking about free article submission sites it means that you won’t spend any money for the links you breed through content distribution, no matter of how many clicks you earn.

  • If you create a high-quality article you can have it reprinted by websites all across the Web and this it means that you will boost the search ranking of your website, leading to raise traffic and page views, due to all the incoming links you will get from numerous websites.

  • Using article marketing solutions you have found a fast and easy tools to promote your products and website. It is true that to write an article, especially a valuable one, takes some creativity but this is something that can be easily learned, using a few basic writing tricks to simplify the writing process.

If you want to benefit from the power of article marketing you need to choose smart your article submission sites. Even you will find many article submission directories; some are more popular and efficient than others. Below are some of the article submission sites that I know them to have established a reputation for offering quality articles and effective online distribution.

One of the most known article distributions resource is Ezine Article. Using the Ezine Article submission you may publish your articles benefiting of the author section feature in which you are allowed to feature your name, business, and website location.
Other reputable article submission sites I know are:

  • GoArticles.com
  • ArticleCity.com
  • Womens-Net.com
  • Marketing-Seek.com
  • AddMe.com
  • ConnectionTeam.com
  • BusinessToolChest.com
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