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By Ellen Smith

Level: Apr 26th 2007
Have you ever thought about using article marketing and writing articles? For sure you've written your homework in school, a CV and motivation letter for a job, emails and other type of writings. Then why not articles? Just try to analyze the benefits of writing articles and the wonderland of words will open to you.

In the course of our life we all have to face writing. And we can enjoy stopping “the dance of words” from the paper in a presentable way. If you want to take part in this you only have to identify the fundamental elements required for writing best articles, reports and other written material. Once you have accomplished these basics, you can start writing and why not make this your own business. You can write outstanding articles that help you and your clients achieve their goals.

Keep in mind that your writing must build streams of loyal readers, increase sales for the company, and bring you money. Your writing is your mirror. For readers the quality of your writing reflects your abilities, work values, your personality. You have to write eloquently, clearly and lively in order the readers to trust you and build lasting relationships with them.

Writing articles isn’t as hard as you may think even if you didn’t have any previous training. Learn the basics of writing and have information about the subject matter or know how to thoroughly research the subject, or both. This is the only road that would lead you to success. In fact producing articles is very easy and simple, but you may need a longer time to research on the subject in order to create a viable product than it will take others. Writing without grammar mistakes, misspellings and sloppy sentences is a must.

Keep in mind that you need to connect strongly with your readers to write effectively as if you are talking to them in person. Adjust your writing style in such a manner that the readers perceive your facial expressions, your body language or hear the tone of your voice without seeing you. For this you have to use proper grammar and punctuation. Also match your writing to words the reader will relate to and understand. Don’t make abuse of pretentious words.

The article serves you and your clients as an alternative tool for person-to-person communication. So you have to transmit, trough your written material, the same information and feelings as in a face to face conversation. Before starting to write you can outline your thoughts to ease your work. No matter what type of written material are you preparing don’t forget your main objective. The readers usually look for information and entertainment. More specifically, they are searching for infotainment (information presented in an entertainment way).

The list of topics you may write is endless. You can write about subjects like how to start up or develop a new business, information about fine arts, how to choose and prepare for a new career, how to save money and increase your budget, how to face difficult situations, enjoy life more or how to build lasting relationships with others. Just choose a subject and write about it.

In order to publish a successful material you must touch the following points:
  1. Make extensive research on the subject.
  2. Write it clear.
  3. Use trustworthy sources.
  4. Think about what is important for the reader and make it thriving.
Write articles on subjects you know, but be opened also for subjects you don’t know because you may learn new things. The idea is to imprint a long lasting impression on the readers which is possible if you catch their attention and keep their interest on the matter.

You may start as a freelancer. Create your own website and post your articles. In this way you will benefit from free exposure and increase your credibility. With a little effort required by articles, no cost for posting them on website and your passion for writing you can color your life. Enjoy writing!
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