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By Joe Myers

Level: Mar 29th 2007
The increasing popularity of blogs have made them a indispensable tool for almost businesses.From personal to business blogs, it is estimated that more than 50 million weblogs have been published, with thousands more starting up each and every day.

If you intend to create your own blog or just to update your already made blog check out for the latest blogging technologies to discover which tools are right for your Web publishing needs.

Why you need a blog? You want to promote a business or just your personal thoughts?

To express your personal ideas you can use a free blogging service. If you want a business blog you should appeal to paid blog technologies and Web hosting services in order to have such a profitable content management systems. Presented below are some of the common tools used by bloggers.

Most Used Blogging Tools
WordPress is one of the frequent blogging tools, being the Forbes Favorite' as posted by Forbes.com. It is a high-quality blogging system that offers a wide range of features. The open-source application offers a variety of applications and is the perfect choice for users who want to host their blog on their own website.

Blogger, provided by Google, is very popular for both business and personal blogging. This free service provides great features such as free hosting, the ability to add banner and text advertising links, and a great range of beautifully designed templates.

TypePad, owned by Six Apart, the same company that offers the well-known blogging tools Moveable Type and Live Journal. The basic submission fee starts at five dollars a month for a hosted blog and offers the ability to post via email or mobile phone.

Beginners often report difficulty with this blogging system, but many intermediate and advanced users are faithful to Moveable Type. Free options are limited, but paying members have access to improved support, design options, and posting access.

Live Journal is a great option for users who have a preference for community-based blogs. This service offers both free and paid options. In plus, it allows connecting to friends and joining community groups.

Promotional Tools for Blogs
The blog must be made “famous”. So start spreading the news. There are a number of great services that have been created especially to track the millions of blogs that are updated every day. You also may advertise your blog through social bookmarking sites and blogrolls. A blogroll is basically a list of links to related blogs. Here follows a short list of the most used blogging promotional tools.

Technorati is one of the leading trackers of weblogs. This is a great way to locate niche blogs on highly specific topics.

Del.icio.us is one of the most-used social bookmarking sites of the Web. The service permits users to mark links by subject, so related posts can be found quickly and easily. Another option of del.icio.us is that it allows users to add other links to their bookmarks and share their lists with others.

On Digg, you can add a link to your blog that allow users to quickly submit the content. In this way stories, websites, articles, and blog posts are promoted on the site based on user-rankings and status.

Remember that the content makes your blog eye-catching, not the blogging technologies used. Feel free to express your own interest, passions and thoughts on your blog. Be prepared to take advantage of all that weblogs have to offer.
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