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By Joe Myers

Level: May 22nd 2007
Having the perfect Opt-In list is one of the best things for your viral marketing business. Many owners of such business live with the feeling that creating a great list is impossible and they don’t even try.

If they are going to read this article they will find out that this is not true because we will present 3 of the most powerful ways to build your targeted 'Opt-In List. These three methods don't cost a thing, they will add to your credibility and website owners always demand them.

Let's take a look at these 3 viral methods:

1. Write Special Reports
- The special reports can help your business a lot because you write about various problems your clients encounter and from there you can lead them to find out how your products can solve their problem.

- Your credibility will grow and because of this the clients will have more confidence in you and your services.

- The website owners always want to offer free things to their subscribers and to their visitors and you can use this. You can make your special report brand able and because of this the website owners will be more than happy to give your freebies away.

- The special report will contain your contact information, which means the more it is shared the better. If the reader liked what he just read he can press a link that sends him to your site, where possibly he will make a purchase.

2. Create a free e-book
- The free e-books have the same benefits as the special report, but the main difference is that you can create an e-book much faster than the special report. You can gather quality information and place it in your e-book, which means you don’t have to write it yourself.

- You can target more than just one product or service inside the e-book.

3. Write articles
- An article is most likely to bring you lots of traffic to your website because every website owner wants to have on his/her site updated information.

- You can directly target your audience's problem.

- The articles have a "Resource Box" and in there you can insert your personal Bio and information about your website. The resource box will bring traffic to your website because every time a site decides to post your article, the people who read it will know who wrote it and what site to visit if they want more articles from the author.

These were the 3 most powerful Viral Marketing methods, which are used by the most if the internet marketers. But why are they so powerful?

- The website owners demand them often

- They are targeted a lot

- They offer you instant credibility

- You can insert in them contact information

- They are free, which is the best part

There are much more List Building techniques available online, but these three are the best. Consider using them.
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