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By Ellen Smith

Level: Nov 30th 2007
Viral Videos Marketing

In your quest to attract new viewers to your website, choosing viral video marketing presents a great opportunity. While you embed in your website videos you can also feature user-created videos or syndicated content offered by other websites and services. The following tips will help you on your way of integrating viral video marketing and using online video marketing opportunities:

Choose a video file format
This applies especially if you are planning to use your own online viral video. General alternatives include Flash video format, Windows Media format, Real Media format and Quicktime format. While all of these formats are completely good options, Flash videos are often preferred because more browsers are equipped to view them.

How to integrate online viral video
After you picked some online viral videos to present on your website, you need to use the right object tags to insert the file on to your Web page.

Once you have selected a video to feature on your website, you need to use the. Begin by introducing the next HTML code on the page where you want the online viral video to appear:

[embed src="URL" width="XX" height="XX" autostart="VALUE"] [/embed]

The URL value must be replaced with the video web address where it can be found. This web address may be on your own server or on a free hosting site such as YouTube, StreamLoad, or Google Video.

XX values must be replaced with a specified height and width of your video.

VALUE must be replaced with any of the next terms:

True - This causes to video to begin playing immediately when the page is loaded.

False - This indicates that the video should only be played when the user presses the start button.

Important factors to reflect on
Prior to the process of inserting clips for your online video marketing campaigns, you must reflect on the following aspects:

Always remember that the design of your page is an important aspect when it comes to the size of the video, so you should create a precise area where video can fit on to the page.

File size – some online viral videos are immense and this can present a problem for both you and the user. The reason is simple: huge online viral videos occupy more server space and eat up bandwidth in a hurry. Users often not have the tolerance to download huge video clips, in particular those accessing the Web through a dial-up connection. If a file is large, always give your visitors the alternative of starting or downloading the clip at their own discretion. You can also save server space by hosting your online viral video clips on free sites such as YouTube and Google Video.

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