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By Liz Harper

Level: Nov 28th 2007
Affiliate Products Promotion
  1. Email Marketing List

  2. It is very important for every marketer to create an email marketing list because of the money involved. Anything short of that is less than spectacular. Marketing to an “opt-in” list created by you almost always breeds lots of funds on affiliate products. To do this efficiently, all you need to do is build an avenue where you can constantly send your subscribers an email with product offers.

    Email marketing lists are the best solution because the subscribers trust you, assuming you’ve send them high quality information and recommending reputable products. This way, subscribers know that your offers are of high value. This list of product offers should take you only one day off every week.

  3. Use pay per click advertising techniques

  4. Using the pay per click advertising techniques involves only two things. One is making a keyword research and bidding reasonably. Second is that pay per click traffic search engines such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN Adcenter ask you to pay a preset amount for every click you generate. The good thing of using such programs is the fact that you get a highly targeted pay per click traffic.

  5. Use Ezine marketing and newsletter advertisement

  6. The majority of affiliate programs supply you with material that you can send as solo advertisement or top sponsor advertisements. The only thing you need to do to make use of the ezine marketing is to buy an ad space in any of the ezines that look attractive to you and have them send the offer to their subscribers.

    The ezine marketing method will just send flood traffic to your landing page where visitors will sign up for more info or an e-course that you would have programmed your auto responder to send out on a daily basis.

  7. Use viral marketing campaigns

  8. Viral marketing campaigns actually mean reports that various people can send to their friends to read. To use such a viral marketing campaign you only need to fill a report with relevant info in which you include your affiliate links and also allow people to give it away as long as the content is not tampered with.

    Viral marketing campaigns are a perfect solution as it spreads like wildfire all over the internet generating for you tons of traffic.
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