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By Joe Myers

Level: May 22nd 2007
One certain way to generate traffic to your website is by writing articles. They are free, they only cost you money, but you will receive visitors daily thanks to them. It is important to write as many quality articles as possible because the more articles you have the more traffic you will receive.

You might think that you need some extraordinary writing skills in order to create high quality articles, but that is not true. Read the following tips and you will definitely create the best online articles.

  1. Have a great title

  2. You must write a great title, because the title brings you more traffic than you might think. You must have a title that will captivate the reader's attention and these are the best of them:

    • Powerful Secret that brings thousands of subscribers
    • 3 Strategies that will triple your conversion rate
    • 7 Overlooked Methods that brings traffic to your site daily
    • How to Get More than 1000 Targeted Visitors a Day
    • 5 Ways to Generate More Traffic Next Week.

    • Instant Traffic With Expired Domains

  3. Use a great introductory sentence

  4. You must use a great introductory sentence to draw the attention of the audience. Here are some examples:

    Did you know that the search engines bring 90% of all traffic? Are you taking advantage of this information? You will find out more about this by reading the article.

  5. Create the body of the article as appealing as possible

  6. You could design this article in this way: Problem 1 => Solution 1 => Problem 2 => Solution 2

    Now if you have an article about tips, you can write each tip in a different paragraph. You should also make your articles fast and fun which means you should write only the essential information. Use sub-headings, and bullets to make the article easy to read.

  7. Summarize the article with a call to action

  8. End the article with a summary of the main points, and try to convince the reader to take action.

  9. The resource box

  10. This is one of the most important elements of the article. In the resource box, which is a 3-6 line ad you will insert links which will send the readers to your website. It is important to create a quality resource box; otherwise you could lose potential clients.

    This means don’t pressure them to buy; try to set a relationship with them at first, like get them to subscribe to your newsletter or auto responder. In your resource box, make sure that you insert your name, your website address, and a call to action.

A great article has the power of bringing you lots of traffic. So remember to use a great title, to make it short and exciting to read, to create an appealing body, to summarize the content at the end of the article, and to insert a resource box. Do not pack the article with links, insert them once in a while and the clients will appreciate it.
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