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By Eric Marsh

Level: Oct 18th 2007
Turnkey Online Casinos

There is no difficulty in finding a parent casino. They are the ones who take all the risk in promoting the casino and return of their expenses, but they are only doing this because it is convenient for them.

Parent casinos have minimal organizational expenses as they can get online casino software for a small percent of its full cost. For this casino software they do not have to get license, organize processing and support service, solve problems with servers etc.

Consequently, even with the smallest investment, a partner gets a good turnkey online casino and starts to advance his own brand. Surely, he gets only 40 to 50%, but in partnership programs he would get only 30-40%, promoting somebody else's brand. This system, if it gets a thriving push behind it, offers the chance to buy casino software out entirely or selling a popular brand with its gamblers intact. It looks like a good solution for businessmen - novices prepared to invest tens of thousands dollars, but not millions dollars in their casino.

So all white label casinos owners feel pretty happy, but what about their gamblers? First of all, for them it's not so convenient because the user is generally permitted to have an account and get bonuses only in one of the casinos, a parent or a white label casino.

The inconvenience factor is greater than before, as there is another group in the management chain - the white label casino owner. It means that problem resolution can be longer, and there is a risk to gamblers in the area of parent-partner relationship issues, should they come about.

As I've already said, white label casinos are hard to spot because there is generally no information about a parent casino. There are some casinos that leave some indication about a parent casino in the site text or picture, for example, in the statement of payments, but these are rare situations. The best way to recognize a white label casino is through its support telephone number as this will be the same number as for the parent casino because, as we already explained in the first part of the article, all the financial transactions and support services are made through the parent casino.

Also, the smallest casinos may keep the standard turnkey casino websites design. Moreover, one can go to the online casino software producer's site - white label casinos are not referred to there. Furthermore, one may simply use the search option, most sites include the list of casinos with specific casino software and usually do not list white label casinos.

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