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By Joe Myers

Level: Mar 29th 2007
Innovative affiliate marketers have discovered that viral marketing with video clips is a very successful way to promote a product, service, or website. Just think of what a great video can do for your affiliate business. Online video and websites such as YouTube and Google Video draw attention to the potential power of this medium as a marketing tool.
What Can Video Marketing Do for Your Business?
To start, you have to know that with so many websites now that appeal for the top spots, advertising via natural search is an increasingly difficult and time-consuming strategy.

A well-done Web page website content that is optimized for search is still an important aspect of Internet marketing, but you have to stick out from the crowd. And viral marketing offers distinctive opporunities to enlarge your audience, increase link clicks, and lift the profile of your business.

It is an advantage for your business that internet access has considerably enlarged the audience. More than 50% of U.S. households now have broadband access to the Web at a high-speed. That’s why multimedia applications such as online video and interactive games are in such great demand.

How to Use Video Marketing
One of the tricky parts of viral marketing with online videos is in fact creating the video. First, you have to choose which is the purpose of your video, if it is a promotional message or if it is a funny, eccentric, or shocking clip.

Videos that make use of humor or originality are much more likely to draw attention from a large audience of online users willing to share amusing video clips with friends and acquaintances.

You have to pay only to make the video, the distribution and promotion of your viral video will not cost you a cent. Websites like YouTube, Google Video, and Yahoo Video gives you the free opportunity to get in touch with out to millions of potential customers.

Another way to promote the video is by sending it as an email attachment to your own friends and acquaintances, with a note advising them to pass it on to others who might be interested. Video distributed through social networks have an advantage of reaching an almost endless array of interested viewers.

Video Marketing Guidelines
1. Keep it short. Being concise means success in viral marketing. Although, high-speed Internet is increasingly common, there are many viewers who lack the latest and most up-to-date technology and they may lose their patience. So if you want to catch the user's attention, keep the message short.

2. Create attractive video material. Be original and inventive otherwise you won’t catch the attention of viewers.

3. Incorporate links leading to your website. Include at the end of each video you create a link back to your website. One more thing, make it easy for viewers to share the clip with other users. There are a lot of sites which offer you this opportunity. For example Furl, del.icio.us, YouTube, and Digg.

With a little creativity and effort, you can produce exciting videos that will help you get in touch with millions of potential customers. Just think if this video marketing technique is right for your business or website before following this path.
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