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By Ellen Smith

Level: May 17th 2007

Viral Marketing is a smart way to make known your products or services in order to have a huge increase in sales. Moreover, the subscriptions to your newsletter can be used for this type of Marketing. But it depends on how sophisticated and successful you want to make your newsletter.

The classic form of using viral marketing automatically is to send a script to a friend. Just type someone's email address into a form and the website will sent a pre inserted text telling the person how great you think the website is, allowing you also to add your own text. Your friend will receive an email in which you seem to tell him about the great new website and additionally will appear a sign up for your newsletter. All you have to do is to hope that your friend will sign up. This is a less aggressive form of promotion.

You can use another “trick”. Introduce a questionnaire that may require to viewers to sign up to your newsletter to find the results of the research. Additionally, it can ask them to complete a script for three friends. In this way, the people will complete the questionnaire, and then will send the announcement about the research to three friends and finally they will sign up to your newsletter. This strategy will increase your opt-in mailing list exponentially. This is simple to create and is cheaper than other forms of promotions. Anyway, keep in mind that you have to start your marketing efforts with at least few people filling out the questionnaire.

There is something else you can do to increase your email list. You can pay the people for every subscriber they send to your newsletter. This is not really viral marketing, but it will grow your email list reasonable if you pay enough and enough people start doing it. Probably 10 cents per subscriber is a good recompense.

If there will be more subscribers than you expect and can afford to pay, stop for a while or try to do something to keep them on your side. Remember that you can benefit from subscriptions all your life and maybe a recompense of 10 percents is not enough at a certain time.

Hotmail.com used this form of marketing and the results were amazing. In every email sent from this site it was included a small line that said something like "Get your free email account with hotmail.com". So, look for a suitable form of promotion for your products or services and give viral marketing a try.

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