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By Joe Myers

Level: Jun 5th 2007
Most new website owners don't know how to drive targeted traffic to their website. Most of the time they focus their time and energy on a single task, and usually on one of these:

To Rank well in the search engines
On the Pay Per Click (PPC) programs.
On the Pay Per View (Banner) programs.
On the Link Exchanges
On Directory Submissions

Each of these methods is a great way to receive traffic; if you rank well in the search engines you will receive a very large amount of traffic. But things might get complicated; you might not do well in the search engines, in fact you might do very badly. What would you do in such a situation?

In this case many would turn to traffic exchanges, which refers to programs that offer you credits if you surf on various sites. When other members of the exchange surf to your site, those credits are used.

This method doesn’t bring too much traffic; in fact you should never rely only on this method. You should combine this method with other methods listed above. So what are the main benefits when using traffic exchanges?

- It will increase your Alexa ratings and this is very important since some search engines factors the Alexa rating into their algorithms. Your site will rank higher in the search engines if it has more traffic.

- It will increase your branding awareness. This is also important because a great branding can distinguish your site from all the other sites.

- It will increase your sales. If your site will receive more traffic eventually your sells will be increased because more people will click your ads to find more things abut your products.

- It will offer you more revenue. You will receive money from surfing on the websites from many traffic exchanges, and if you bring other sites into the network you will earn a percentage of the money that they earn.

You must know a few facts about traffic exchanges before you rush to sign up with one:

- Some traffic exchanges will bring your site very little traffic, because they could be in the business just for your money.

- Some traffic exchanges get cheated by people who use various programs to increase their credits faster, because they don't have the necessary programs to stop them.

- Some traffic exchanges might allow popups, activex controls, site rotators, and so on in their networks and your computer could get infected because of this.

Traffic exchanges bring only benefits because you have nothing to lose when using them. In the worst case scenario you would get some traffic and you would increase you Alexa rankings but you would receive no money.

In order to benefit from this type of program you must surf the web. Some networks offer an auto surf feature which means your browser loads page after page every 10 seconds or so, but you receive a reduced number of credits.
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