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By Ellen Smith

Level: Jun 5th 2007
Most business people have heard about viral marketing, but they hardly know how to implement it and take advantage. First you have to know that it’s a simple process. But here is the big challenge: how to apply to affiliate marketing?

When thinking about an example of a viral marketing strategy most people will probably say “Hotmail” because it was the most memorable and used from the outset. Keep in mind that there are many other tools that can be applied in order to succeed in an affiliate business. Here are some examples you might find useful:



E-mail and discussion forum postings

Downloadable files

Something fun or unique on your site - or that is your site

Viral articles

Joint ventures

Offline promotional techniques (such as press releases)

E-books as a viral tool:

You can spread the information about your product/service and the same time earn some money. And this can be done through an ebook, an article or a press release. A well written e-book has a huge viral potential.
E-mail and discussion forum postings - don’t throw away the old messages. Just review them and attach something interesting. They all can become viral.

Downloadable files – for instance, create an innovative screensaver with the name of your business URL – include even your affiliate program link – and let him do his job.

Something fun and unique on your site - or that is your site – for example include amazing graphics or funny sound bytes and associates them with your affiliate program. Then all you have to do is to spread the words. Usually, the news is very quickly spread.

Joint ventures – you can trade with another author and promote in your ebook his ebook and conversely.

These are just a few ways to apply viral strategies to your online business. What are you waiting for? Just use them or try also to find others. It’s your business that will flourish in the end.
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