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By Joe Myers

Level: Jun 25th 2007
I’m sure you've heard of Viral Marketing, but maybe you're not sure what it is and how long a campaign can actually run for.

Viral Marketing is the creation of a self-perpetuating message which once it has been released it distributes itself exponentially. There are many examples of Viral Marketing, but Hotmail is the most famous of the all.

From Chump to Champ
When Hotmail was created it lacked traffic. They wanted to get a large amount of traffic in a short amount of time. They soon created the first mass viral marketing campaign via the Internet.

Hotmail was a company which offered free e-mail and they decided to use this to gain traffic. They were able to control in some measure each e-mail sent by the Hotmail account holders. Their idea proved to be very successful because they receive the traffic that they desired and afterwards the company as bought by Microsoft.

They attached a message to each e-mail sent by a Hotmail account holder, and that message was: "To get your FREE email accounts go to hotmail.com". Each e-mail that was sent through Hotmail contained this message and soon people from all over the world knew about Hotmail’s offer.

Could such a strategy work nowadays?

Viral Marketing can really make an impact
It seems that such a strategy still works and this has been proven recently. John Prescott, a UK Member of Parliament famous for the fact that he hit an egg-thrower protester was the subject of the campaign.

UK! Panlogic, an advertising agency, created an online game “Splat the MP”, related to the mentioned incident. Soon thousand of people visited their site because of their unique idea. Panlogic paid less than a conventional advertising or promotional campaign would have cost them for a national audience which lasted a while.

This proved that Viral Marketing is not dead and that the Internet is getting more powerful than ever.
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