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By Eric Marsh

Level: Aug 9th 2007
Viral marketing is an interesting form of advertising applied especially in network marketing. Simply put, it's all about relationship building. Viral marketing creates a referral system based on your existing clients and subscribers. In this way your message is quickly spread around, leveraging the growth for your company. Network marketing is used similarly.

As it was proved, the regular internet user speaks often about his or her online experiences. This means that for every person you reach, you actually reach also a group of their friends as well. And then, those friends will tell about your message to other friends and so on.

Let’s take an example of viral marketing that is easy to understand. It’s pretty sure you have received a greeting card from Blue Mountain. This is one of the most well-known free greeting card companies on the internet. Every card you receive includes an option at the bottom that allows you to give a card back to the sender or anyone else you might like. This is viral marketing!

The person getting the card trusts his friend and most probably will consider that Blue Mountain is a reliable company. This is an intriguing way to establish credibility and trust simply by association. The most ruthless barrier to closing sales is already removed by using this method!

Another good example of viral marketing is offered by Amazon.com. At the end of each sale, they ask you if you know someone who might like what you have just purchased. If the answer is yes, they let you send them an email which announces that you have just purchased this product and thought they might like it as well. In case your friend buys the same product within a certain amount of time, they receive a discount. This is a great concept because it allows Amazon to reach more people through a credible third party.

With every email they send to people you recommend, you are supporting their website by taking part in their viral marketing campaign. Actually, they are getting you to do their advertising for them!

Why would someone spread your advertising message around to others? Well, as you have seen in the examples above the common point is “benefits”. Certainly, a larger benefit will increase the number of people interested by your offers. For instance, create a free report with appealing content and include a "pass it on" link at the bottom or something like “Know someone who would be interested in this? Click here to email it to them!"

But what is the benefit of the person sending these proposals? They just offer essential information to friends and colleagues. They help others and in the same time they are establishing you as a person worthy of their trust.

Contests are another way to attract the interest. Encourage people to refer their friends to sign up for your contest. For example, with every friend they sing up, they could receive another entry into the drawing. Don’t forget to ask the person for the referral because they might not do this on their own.

What are you waiting for? Think about how viral marketing can be used to further improve your business. If you apply it correctly, you won’t be disappointed by the results.
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